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Building the Consciously Creative Campus

The Arts Planning Committee is an ad hoc committee of faculty, staff, and students that was formed by President Robert Oden in December 2004. The Committee’s charge was "to shape a vision and outline a plan to relocate the arts more centrally in the educational program at Carleton and to position the College to be a national leader in the arts for decades to come" (from President Oden’s Charge to the Arts Planning Committee).

Working together with others on campus and with professional architectural consultants, the Committee was responsible for identifying the space, staff, classroom, and technology resources required to realize this vision through the development of two new facilities: the Arts Union, and a music center.

APC Releases Report

June 2007 ReportIn June 2007, the Arts Planning Committee released its second report, Toward a Consciously Creative Campus: A Collaboratory & Music Center, with its programmatic recommendations for a new collaborative arts center and a new music center.

Read the full report (PDF)