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From Ritual to Spectacle: 2019 Spring Dance Concert

May 24, 2019
Guest choreographers Lauren Simpson, and Herb Johnson III help with the choreography of the Spring Dance Concert. Herb Johnson teaches Hip Hop at University of Minnesota, performs in solo and group works and choreographs for solo and group performers. Johnson held dance workshops for the Winter Dance class, and choreographs "Eject," for this concert. Lauren Simpson is based in San Francisco, as a Artist in Residence at ODC Theater. Her dance project with Simpson/Stulberg Collaborations, "Still Life Dances" were nominated for two Izzy awards in 2016, and have been performed at universities across the U.S. This program features a variety of styles and experimentations with Dance. Judith Howard collaborates with student choreographers in works with Semaphore., that push the boundaries of dance and use dance to explore gender and other categories. Student choreographers Vanna Figueroa, Tina Liu choreograph "Gravy," and Joy Onyeanu choreographs "Lose Control." Later, Jordyn Pigott choreographs "Those That Came Before Me," and Lauren Goboff choreographs "as honey in my mouth." There are two performances: tonight at 7:30PM, and Sunday at 2PM in the Weitz Theater. Don't forget to reserve tickets from the dance website: