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Feb 26

International Film Forum: 500 YEARS

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Part of the Ecological and Civilizatory Crisis: Envisioning a Sustainable Future and an Equitable and Fair World Series

Monday, February 26th, 2018
7:00 – 9:00 pm / Weitz Cinema

500 Years (2017) by Pamela Yates

Presenter: Yansi Perez, Associate Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies and Skype session with director Pamela Yates

Theme: From Genocide to the Indigenous Movement in Guatemala

500 Years tells the epic story that brought Guatemala to a turning point in its history, from the genocide trial of General Ríos Montt to the popular movement that ousted President Otto Pérez Molina. While the indigenous peoples of Guatemala are no stranger to oppression, the recent events that took place during a tumultuous three-year period finally seems possible when their movement meets with popular society's protest to end corruption.

Q&A to follow screening

Sponsored by International Film Forum. Contact: Farrah Pribyl, x5567