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Sep 13

An Evening of Cuban Choral Music

EL CORO SHALOM, a 24-member ensemble from Havana, Cuba performs an evening of secular and sacred works.

Thursday, September 13th, 2012
8:00 – 10:00 pm / Concert Hall

El Coro Shalom of Havana was founded over 30 years ago by its current director Rita Fuentes ; it is made up of professional musicians, professors of music , and non professional musicians all with strong interest in choral music; it has travelled outside of Cuba several times and performed in many prominent venues in Havana often in connection with Protestant (Presbyterian and Methodist primarily) church services and celebrations; its director Ms. Fuentes has been the Secretary General of the Conference of Methodist Churches in Latin America; the choir's primary emphasis has been Christian music, traditional, classical, and folk with beautiful harmonies and interesting dynamics, although its repetoire includes non religious Cuban music as well; the director and choir members are versed in Cuban musical traditions and are prepared to speak about them; the members are representative of Cuban society in their skin color, age, and occupation and from the members it is possible to get a sense of the actual situation in Cuba although they are cautious about criticizing the Cuban government; some of the members sing with the National Choir of Cuba.

Sponsored by Arts at Carleton. Contact: Steven Richardson, x4389