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Oct 27

Master Dance Class — Hālau Kiawekūpono O Ka Ua

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A dance class taught by Dietrix Jon Ulukoa Duhaylonsod, kumu hula (master teacher) of the Hawaiian dance troupe Hālau Kiawekūpono O Ka Ua.

Friday, October 27th, 2017
6:00 – 8:00 pm / Weitz Center, Large Dance Studio, Room#165
Hālau Kiawekūpono O Ka Ua

Hālau is a Hawaiian word meaning a “school, academy, or group.”  The word also refers to "a branch from which many leaves grow."  The teacher of a hālau is referred to as the kumu hula, where kumu means “teacher,” but it also means “source” or “tree.”

Dietrix Jon Ulukoa Duhaylonsod is the kumu hula of Hālau Kiawekūpono O Ka Ua, whose members hail from the island of O’ahu.  As a hālau, they are committed to perpetuate the traditional knowledge that has been passed down to them. It is their kuleana (responsibility) to preserve the mo’olelo (stories) of their home and to ensure that their hula lineage is passed on to the next generation. The hālau also has the mission to share their traditions with other peoples around the world through cultural exchanges in the spirit of good will. The hālau emphasizes that the love of one’s self must be coupled with a genuine appreciation of others for it to be a healthy, fruitful love. This is their manifestation of aloha.

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