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Feb 7

Looking Forward

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Inauguration of artwork by Nestor Arenas

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
5:00 – 7:00 pm
Inauguration of artwork by Nestor Arenas

In Nestor Arenas’ “Looking Forward” (2018), the artist relates two of his latest series: “Havana Transformers” (2016) and “Spomenik-Go” (2017). The first focuses on the emblematic construction of Havana’s architecture from the Republican period 1902-1959. Structures intervened by elements of Capitalistic culture of the masses, for example, Mickey Mouse, whose features have been formalized with a calligraphy in the code of abstract constructivism. Spomenik-Pok, in retrospect, signals to the world of urbanistic structures and architecture with reference to the constructivism of communist Europe. Constructions marked by the heraldic interpretations of these cultures’ utopias and societies. On the other hand, it incorporates the fantastical structures of the cities in video games and Hollywood science fiction movies. (Dennys Matos Leyva.)

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