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Oct 25

The Artistic Method

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This exhibition aims to highlight the overlap between the arts and sciences.

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017
Gould Library, 4th floor

This event takes place each day from May 30th, 2017 to October 25th, 2017.

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Art and Science Photo 

Art and science are often thought of as separate subjects, on opposite ends of a spectrum. Yet these two fields have continually interacted and influenced each other: through the use of images as communication, and as civilizations made more and more discoveries about the world. Albrecht Durer’s famous woodcut Rhinoceros (created in 1515), was so convincing, that well into the 18th century people believed it to be an accurate depiction of the rhinoceros, complete with steel plates like an armadillo’s and a horn on its back.

When working together scientists and artists become collaborators, expanding on the inherent beauty of nature and using art as a platform for interpretation and expression. In the wake of climate change, and the current political climate, it has become more important than ever that the arts and sciences continue to be valued and supported. This exhibition aims to highlight ways in which artists have attempted to incorporate scientific ideas and protest issues related to climate change as well as where they have found beauty in the sublime and scientific nature of the world.

This exhibit was curated by Ari Zuaro ‘18, Library Art and Exhibits Assistant

Sponsored by Gould Library Exhibitions. Contact: Zoe Adler, x7182