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Jan 20

ANARCHY! (a handbook)

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Why rage when you can revolt?

Saturday, January 20th, 2018
7:30 – 9:15 pm / Weitz Theater Studio 172
Poster for theater production of Anarchy! (a handbook). Photo of a limo on fire.

Why rage when you can revolt? 9 easy lessons, in 9 radical scenes, on how to turn your personal life into political theater. First time tragedy, second time farce!

The St. Paul Pioneer Press had this to say about the show:

Over the past two Fringes, I've grown hungry for some really good political theater; something imaginative, insightful, entertaining and, ideally, funny. I've found it with this finely crafted selection of scenes about contemporary class conflict. Carleton College theater professor Roger Bechtel has enlisted three of his current and former students (and another gifted comic actor) to perform his script full of clever conversations and ring-of-truth rants about truth, capitalism, caring, saying no, starting a riot, sexual aggression, in-flight capitalism, and, finally, a rapid-fire history lesson suggesting that fascism isn't new to America. Full of vivid characterizations, it's a high-energy triumph. 

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