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Sep 14

Pulchra Scientia: The Aesthetics of Discovery

From site: Perlman Teaching Museum

An exhibition of works by contemporary artists that communicate current scientific developments.

Friday, September 14th, 2018
Perlman Teaching Museum: Braucher Gallery

This event takes place each day from September 14th, 2018 to January 20th, 2019.

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Pulchra Scientia

Beauty does not simply refer to compositions of shape, color, balance, and form that yield a sense of aesthetic pleasure and satisfaction. Beauty can also be a set of qualities that pleases the intellect. To the trained eye, a mathematical formula, a chemical equation, or a taxonomic system can be elegant, balanced, and harmonious. Pulchra scientia: The Aesthetics of Discovery presents works by contemporary artists that communicate current scientific developments. This exhibition engages the mind while exploring the ways science invokes art in all forms to communicate complex concepts while reminding us that science is beautiful.

Curated by Jeff Rathermel, Director and Curator of the Perlman Teaching Museum, with assistance from Carleton's various social and physical science departments, Pulchra Scientia: The Aesthetics of Discovery is an international showcase, presenting the work of over 30 artsits, including David Bachman, Alyssa Baguss, Christopher Biggs, Roger Boulay, Sarina Brewer, Jeremy Downie, Elizabeth Garvey, David Goodsell, Malayka Gormally, Tom Gormally, Dennis Gould, Allison Gray, Keren Kroul, Kyna Leski, Emily Lynch Victory, Presley Martin, Andy Messerschmidt, Jeff Milliken, Marnie Powers-Torrey, Danny Saathoff, Timothy Schacker, John Schuerman, Laura Stack, David Steinberg, Keith Taylor, Paul Taylor, Lex Thompson, Lisa Truax, and Robert Williams.

Sponsored by Perlman Teaching Museum. Contact: Steven Richardson, x4389