David Lefkowitz's Peripatetic Gallery | Northfield Is An Abstraction

May 18, 2016

The Peripatetic Gallery will host “northfield is an abstraction,” an exhibition of instant photographs created en route. As curious onlookers approach the gallery, they will be invited to take an abstract photograph with the instant film camera that gallery director David Lefkowitz will have on hand.  Each picture will be added to the collection and displayed for the remainder of the day.

The gallery will depart from the Weitz Center for Creativity at 9 AM and roam around the town until 7 PM. Potential gallery visitors can seek us out throughout the day. The path will likely include a morning stop at Bridge Square and a visit to the Just Food parking lot. Peripatetic will cross the Cannon River Pedestrian Bridge to a ramble through the near west side, with hopes to get to Way Park, then roll back into downtown and end the tour on the Carleton campus. A significant part of an intentional visitor’s experience is the walking (or biking) required to locate the slowly moving target.

The Peripatetic Gallery is a roving alternative space on wheels that is at once a model — a scaled down representation of a gallery — and a fully operational non-commercial art space that hosts a semi-regular schedule of exhibits and related programming.

See photos from the event.

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