Northfield Neighbor Encounters Big Dog!

May 18, 2016
By Margit Johnson

David Lefkowitz’s Rover Self’s “self-guided canine tour of Territory Sector 6” coincided with my neighborhood. But I will admit that I haven’t seen my neighborhood from that perspective before. As we raced behind Rover Self, who was definitely “off-leash,” we zigged and zagged between houses, over walls and around parked cars as only dogs do.

Rover Self paused long enough to challenge us to think about liminal spaces, sensory perceptions, the evolution of the human-dog relationship and who benefits the most, and sources of fear, curiosity, frustration and happiness for humans and dogs.

After those brief ruminations he would bark, “Let’s go!” and we were off again! Who knew that a dog walking humans could be so energetic and so very circuitous?

See images of Rover’s tour.