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Program Evaluation

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The Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) is interested in your input concerning program equity. Please SELECT your response to each statement and provide any comments necessary to clarify the response.
Varsity Sport:*
1. The level of competition in my sport effectively accommodates my interest and ability.:*
2. There is adequate athletic equipment and supplies available to my sport.:*
3. There is adequate access to facilities for my sport.:*
4. Facility access times are fairly assigned to my sport.:*
5. I have access to adequate locker room facilities.:*
6. I have access to adequate practice and competitive facilities.:*
7. I have adequate access to medical and training facilities.:*
8. I feel my sport receives adequate publicity.:*
9. The athletic director adequately supports my sport.:*
10. My sport receives adequate clerical support services.:*
11. My team receives equitable support services for set up of practice and competition.:*
12. Travel expenses are fairly distributed to my sport.:*
Additional comments: