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"C" Blanket Order Form

Deadline to order is May 1!
'C' Blankets are earned by lettering four years in the same varsity sport and working concessions each year you are an athlete. Please complete the form below to receive your ‘C’ Blanket. SAAC covers the cost of the first 2 lines of embroidering your name, class year, sport (and number, if you want it) on the blanket; each additional line (up to 2 more) is at the athlete’s expense, $3 per line. 'C' blankets will be given out at the Senior Awards Banquet. If you purchased additional lines on your blanket, you must pay the College before we can embroider it. Drop off cash or check payable to "Carleton College" at West Gym 207 before May 1. If we haven't received payment by May 1, we will order the standard two lines.
Your first name (this is the name we will embroider on your blanket; if incorrect, change it; it's an editable field):
Your last name:
Varsity Sport1:
Varsity Sport2:
The standard blanket will say: John Smith ‘11, Football #8. Would you like the standard embroidery?
If no, what would like embroidered?
Would you like your sport number embroidered?
If yes, enter your sport number: