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Carleton SAAC Representatives

2015-2016 Executive Officers

President: Caroline Duke, women's volleyball/softball
Vice-president: Alex Braiedy, women's swimming and diving
Treasurer: Evan Olawsky, men's cross country and track & field
Secretary: Camille Benson, volleyball
Promotions and Communications Director: Charles Slocum, men's soccer
Volunteer and Events Coordinator: Liz Groesbeck, volleyball
MIAC rep/CAI rep: Mitch Heflin, football
MIAC rep/CAI rep: Amanda d'Almeida, women's soccer

2015-2016 Athlete Representatives (by sport):

Baseball: TBD
Men's Basketball: TBD
Women's Basketball: TBD
Men's Cross Country: TBD
Women's Cross Country: TBD
Football: TBD
Men's Golf: TBD
Women's Golf: TBD
Men's Soccer: TBD
Women's Soccer: TBD
Softball: Caroline Duke
Men's Swimming/Diving: TBD
Women's Swimming/Diving: TBD
Men's Tennis: TBD
Women's Tennis: TBD
Men's Track/Field: TBD
Women's Track/Field: TBD