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Varsity Athletics

Carleton Athletics

Mel Taube Field

Hayden Tstusui, baseball action 

Carleton baseball calls Mel Taube field their on-campus home.  'The Taube' was originally constructed for the 2004 season, and thanks to significant support from Carleton alumni, and has undergone significant improvements since the Knights debuted on their current diamond.  It has a fully irrigated, natural grass surface that is complimented by the beautiful surrounding scenery of the Cowling Arboretum.  Currently one of the top college fields in Minnesota, the on-campus facility features twin 70' batting cages, four bullpen mounds, 30' foul poles and fully enclosed press box above the main bleachers. 

A symmetrical park, the Taube has dimensions of 340' down the lines and 380' to center.  The majority of the Knight's home games are filmed using a multi-camera high-definition system and broadcast live and free online streaming of games for all the family and fans of Knights Baseball. Over the past two seasons, the Knights boast a .630 winning percentage on their home field, and have been .500 or better at home every season since 2009.

Baseball - Mel Taube Field Dedication 2008-06-20