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The Recreation Center provides facilities and programs for a variety of types of recreation, including tennis, racquetball, aerobics, weightlifting, basketball, rock climbing, and many more. Varsity programs that use this facility for practices and competition include indoor track and field (men and women), softball, baseball, golf (men and women) and tennis (men and women). Most varsity student-athletes use this facility for strength and conditioning or for recreation use as well. Head coaches with their offices in this facility include: women's tennis, track and field/cross country, volleyball, baseball, softball, and women's soccer.

The Fitness Center provides strength and conditioning activities for students, faculty, and staff in a user-friendly environment. The center provides a balance of cardio machines, weight machines, and free weights.

Carleton's 30ft high rock wall is molded granite simulating actual climbing surfaces from a mold of Minnehaha Falls, near Minneapolis. It has five climbing ropes available, and offers four different levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and lead. The bouldering wall was installed in the summer of 2005 and its walls are 12ft high. A textured rubber mold was pushed over drying concrete plaster to create a rough surface and the flooring consists of recycled car tires six inches deep. Climbing routes are marked with tape and emphasis is on lateral motion. In addition, the bouldering wall does not require ropes or working with a partner.

The Recreation Center has one racquetball court and two convertible squash or racquetball courts. These courts are open for students and staff to use and can be reserved in advance.

The aerobics studio is frequently used for classes in areas such as aerobics, yoga, martial arts, and dance. The studio can also be used for individual practice.

The fieldhouse contains four courts that are commonly used for basketball, volleyball, tennis, indoor soccer, and batting practice. It is equipped with curtains that can be raised or lowered to separate each of the courts, as well as to separate the courts from the track. The area is available for intramural sports, club sports, varsity sports, physical education classes, and open recreation.

The fieldhouse contains a six-lane, 200-meter track with an eight-lane straightaway. The track is frequented by walkers, joggers, and the varsity indoor track team. The fieldhouse also contains a long jump pit and a pole vault runway.

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