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Coach Profile: Amy Erickson

Thursday, December 28, 2006

What do you enjoy most about working with Carleton student-athletes?

I really enjoy the fact that they are all interesting and well-rounded people. I love just having them stop by my office and chat about what they are doing in their biology class or discussed in their political science class that day. It's fun to work with intelligent young women who are self-motivated, driven and ambitious in everything they do.

What is your coaching style and what can a student-athlete expect if they're part of your program?

I'm definitely a fundamentals oriented coach - you will leave not only having sound fundamentals, but also being able to go out and teach them to others. I really try to teach the players to think through the game for themselves and not tell them what to do every pitch. One of my main goals as a coach is that student-athletes feel that playing softball and being part of the team was one of their top highlights of their Carleton experience.

Have you seen any students go through particularly large transformations during their four years at Carleton?

That is one of the great joys of coaching is watching each and every player transform and grow on and off the field over their four years here. Seeing where they started and where their next step beyond Carleton is going to be - All the graduates are doing such great and interesting things such as being a vet in New Zealand or working in the fashion industry.

Do you have a most memorable/favorite moment in your coaching career?

I think like many coaches, my favorite moments is seeing them graduate and just having them turn to you and say 'thank you' - knowing you helped give them a great life experience is the best reward.

How do your student-athletes balance sports and academics/other activities at Carleton?

Everyone does it differently, but everyone does it...Carleton students, in general, are very motivated and driven and they understand what they need to do to do both academics and softball and also get to be involved in other activities, formal and informal.

What sorts of things are your former students doing after Carleton?

As I mentioned, we have alums doing it all - doctors, lawyers, teachers, coaches, advertising, finance, film editing, graduate school, urban planning, vets, industrial engineering, fashion, marketing, accounting and many other professions.