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Student-Athlete Profile: Hayden Tsutsui '16

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What made you want to come to Carleton?

I chose Carleton for a variety of reasons. One, the academics and opportunities the college offers are the best you could find. Two, it is a different experience to come from a big city like LA and move into a small town in Minnesota. Three, the school offers good sports programs that are definitely on the rise.  

What have been some of the differences between college and high school sports?

Coming from a high school that was particularly good at baseball, I think the biggest difference is the camaraderie. In high school, a lot of athletes are trying to succeed, individually. Whether it is to make it to the collegiate level or get drafted, you find more athletes playing for themselves rather then for their team. Here at Carleton, there is a sense of pride and mutual respect that we all have for the same goal of winning a championship, no matter what the circumstances are.

How do you balance academics, sports, and other activities?

We have baseball practice all year. In the winter and spring, we have one day off a week so time management is very crucial in order to succeed both academically and athletically. I balance academics, sports, and other activities with the help of my coaches, professors, teammates, and friends. They hold me accountable and will not let me fall behind.

What is a regular day like for you during your season?

Before practice, I have classes. I try to get as much work done before practice. During season, our practices start at around 5:45 so the team and I eat at the dining halls right when they open at 4:45. We start practice around 6, and it ends around 8:30 depends on the practice schedule. Afterwards, I ice my arm, shower, go the library around 9 to 9:30 and start my work again. Although it seems tough, I actually really enjoy it. Playing a sport creates an incentive that I must get my work done before practice or games.

What are some of your team's traditions?

Our team is great. We have a bunch of personalities that somehow find a way to a great team with a lot of love and mutual respect. One of our traditions is whenever we all go out with each other, we all meet up and sing the national anthem. Another tradition we have is a pose at second base whenever someone hits a double. He will shoot arrows at the dugout, and the dugout will shoot arrow back at him.

What are some of your favorite moments from playing baseball at Carleton?

We have had a lot of fun together. On the baseball field, I have had a lot of favorite moments. Beating Bethany Lutheran in a tight game, beating Oberlin at the stadium, going six-for-six in a game, are all good memories. Off the field, the Arizona trip has a lot of great memories. 

What is your favorite thing about Carleton?

My favorite thing about Carleton is the people. The people here are amazing. You learn so much from interacting with people here on a regular basis. People here are very helpful, and we all pick each other up when we are falling behind in anything. The people here push me to my limits on and off the field, and motivate me to be the best baseball player I could be. I really appreciate all Carls. 

What would you say to a high school student-athlete considering Carleton?

Don't be intimidated. Yes, school can be rough, but that goes for any athlete at any good college, and life here is great. The professors here are the best in the business and fellow Carls are great (possibly the greatest people you'll ever meet). Even in the small, snowy town of Northfield you can be the best athlete you can be, as long as you work hard, play hard, and want it enough. Here, you are given all the tools to be whoever you want.