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Coach Profile: Jerry Ericksen

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What is your coaching style?

I want to stand ready to support each player in their individual way. Some need to be left alone, some want a critical eye upon their demand and some want detailed attention to their personal or swing needs. Part of the growth experience is to feel the highs and lows of a competitive golf round. That way one learns unique ways to deal with the peaks and valleys. Therefore, I have always made it a practice to refrain from on the course interaction during a competition. During the week of practice I feel that we can interact on personal, swing and course management issues as dictated by the player.

What happens in a typical practice?

On the range each player works on their own issues and calls upon me to comment and provide feedback. Early in the sessions I like to video tape the swing so that we have a basis from which we can work. I try to alternate range work and nine holes of play on successive days.

What are some team traditions?

We are in the midst of the first year of building a program. The tradition will arise out of our routine naturally. One aspect which will become a tradition is an oversight committee made up of the captain and a player of his choice. All major decisions are made with the approval of this committee. We also play for the "Rusty Putter" trophy from Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland against St. Olaf.

Have you had any memorable moments?

The most memorable was this year's decision between the 5th and 6th players as to who would play on the five man conference team. The decision to send the one who seemed to be playing the best at the time was among the most unselfish acts I have observed in college coaching.

How has the team changed since you started coaching?

I feel that they have a sense of belonging to a team that was not there before and that the ones who do not get to play in any given event feel as much a part of the squad as the traveling team.

Anything that you would like to tell future Carleton student-athletes?

Come and visit with players on the team to get the feeling of what we are about in golf at Carleton. Any and all golf will be threaded around your academic work. We will also do our utmost to provide you the means to improve your game within that academic framework.

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