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Profiles of coaches and student athletes

Student-Athlete Profile: Aaron Buckley '14

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What did you decide to come to Carleton?

I chose Carleton because of it’s strong science departments and my family ties to Minnesota. I also really liked the youtube videos I found that people from Carleton had made. The videos showed me that most people at Carleton are serious about academics, but manage to not take themselves too seriously. People work together rather than compete to succeed.

What have been some of the differences between college and high school sports?

The team bond in college sports is much stronger than in high school. The involvement with a sports team is more ongoing in college and as a member of the golf team there are more responsibilities for managing practice schedules, uniforms, and other team functions. Coaches play a more important role in college as a mentor and not just an instructor.

How do you balance academics, sports, and other activities?

There isn’t very much time in college, so it’s an ongoing challenge. I think in college people just kind of get accustomed to always doing something and taking shorter breaks.

What is a regular day like for you during your season?

I will go to class in the morning or afternoon and then before practice if I have some time I will try to fit in a little homework. For practice we either go to the driving range to hit balls or practice putting as a team or play 9 holes. We try to practice as a team, but with our busy schedules and afternoon lab courses occasionally we have to split up practices.

What are some of your team's traditions?

Although we are a golf team, we do various other activities and sports together. For instance, some of the members of the team play badminton together. We also have an annual scramble tournament with the women’s golf team where one member of each team pairs up with somebody from the other team.

What are some of your favorite moments from playing golf at Carleton?

Coach Ericksen built a golf course dubbed “The Pasture” in his backyard where he keeps his horses and we have an annual tournament there. It’s a scramble tournament and each class teams up to compete. The winners get medals along with eternal glory. My freshman year my team won by multiple strokes.

What is your favorite thing about Carleton?

For me, it’s the balance of academics, athletics, and art. Carleton allows me to get a great education, while still being able to maintain some of my interests outside of academics like golf and ceramics. In a single day I can study for a chemistry exam, practice with the golf team, and work in the pottery studio. I also like the balance that people at Carleton have between seriousness and playfulness. 

What would you say to a high school student-athlete considering Carleton?

Carleton is a great place to be a competitive athlete and a serious student. The team is constantly improving and being on a sports team here provides a great opportunity to learn how to work together with a group of people towards a common goal. 

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