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Profiles of coaches and student athletes

Student-Athlete Profile: Erik Klontz '13

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why did you decide to come to Carleton?

Because it's a good school.

What have been some of the differences between college and high school sports?

College sports require a much larger time commitment (for me at least).

What are you most looking forward to next season?

Improving my times.

What do you enjoy most about your sport?

The simultaneous feelings of exhaustion and accomplishment after a hard workout.  

What else are you involved in?

School work and swimming is basically all I have time for in a normal week.

What are some of your team's traditions?

Going to Booney Burgers for one-pound hamburgers, going to Farmington Steak House, training trip, doing "men's team entries" on people in the water.

What is your favorite thing about Carleton?