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Ted Mullin “Leave it in the Pool – Hour of Power” Relay Swim Set

DSC_2193.JPGThe "Hour of Power" swim practice is a dynamic 60-minute relay training session that requires all-out efforts from all participating team members. It is a challenging workout that fuels both team spirit and team energy.

The set up for the "Hour of Power" is as follows: team members are equally divided among the number of lanes to be used. For 6 or 8 lane facilities it is ideal to use every lane. It is also a good idea to have a minimum of 5-6 team members per lane for each relay. All relay swims are completed in 50-yard segments.

There are three primary objectives that must be met throughout the entire "Hour of Power" workout:

  1. Each swim must be done with an all-out effort - "leave it in the pool".
  2. At any given time, all the relays need to be on the same length or at least on the same 50 segment. Any stroke may be used and team members may need to shift from one relay lane to another to help maintain the same length/50 segment objective. This objective requires constant communication and teamwork.
  3. Perhaps most important objective - for high levels of performance to occur throughout this hour, equally high levels of enthusiastic encouragement must be evident at every possible moment. In other words, having significant amounts of cheering and expressive levels of excitement from all team members and coaches is inherently required.

Afterwards, the team can celebrate with a long, easy warm down to flush out fatigue and to have the opportunity to reflect upon on how much collective energy and effort was given to an inspiring and truly exhausting workout. Enjoy!