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Nielsen Awarded Larson International Fellowship

May 29, 2012 at 11:05 am

NORTHFIELD, Minn. -- Carleton College volleyball player Sarah Nielsen (Jr., Altoona, WI) has earned one of the eight Larson International Fellowships awarded to Carleton students this year.  The fellowship, awarded to sophomores and juniors to use during the summer or winter break of their senior year, is to be used by the recipient to execute an original project abroad with an emphasis on the international experience, rather than an academic focus.  Each fellow receives up to $4000 dollars for their travel and exploration. 

Nielsen, a biology major, plans to travel throughout Norway during the six weeks of her senior year winter break in order to explore an area of personal significance that she does not often get to focus on academically at Carleton.  “Christianity has seen many changes during the past fifty years and continues to do so even today,” Nielsen said.  “I will be travelling through different regions of Norway and talking to ministers and members of different denominational and non-denominational churches and exploring how the modernization of Christianity, along with its change in societal influence, is affecting the Christian community within the country.  I will also be exploring how the changing role of Christianity in society has affected Norway who, like roughly 20 countries in the world, still recognizes Christianity as their state religion.”  Nielsen plans to give a presentation about her experience abroad during the term following her trip.  “My hope is that by seeing and experiencing how churches in other parts of the world have continued to grow through these changes, I will be able to help my own churches here in the U.S. make beneficial changes to the way we worship and reach out to members of the greater community.”

The Larson International Fellowship was established in 1986 by grants to Carleton from Robert 56’, John 60’ and David Larson 63’ in memory of their parents, Frances W. and Eugene Larson.  Both Frances and Eugene had a deep interest in Carleton and were supporters of international understanding and involvement.  Awarded annually, Larson International Fellowships provide a significant international experience for students with strong leadership potential.