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Summer at the Rec

July 28, 2010 at 11:55 am

This summer I chose to stay on campus and work as office staff at the Rec Center. I am in charge of everything from website updating to compiling the annual report. The work has forced me to develop design skills that I never thought I would have or need. During the week I spend most of my time working, exercising, and cooking/eating. I also have found plenty of ways to have fun this summer. There are six volleyball players currently living in Northfield, and we often hang out. On Sunday nights we head up to Bethel University for a low-key summer league. On Mondays you can often find us at Jesse James Lanes, taking advantage of the dollar-night special (one dollar for shoes, one dollar per game). We've amassed a large collection of tubes, which we use to go floating down the Cannon River that runs through town. In addition to these regular occurrences, we have also shopped at the Minneapolis farmers' market, gone storm-chasing down back roads, found a delicious Thai restaurant in St. Paul, and attended a Twins game--with tickets paid for by the college! Spending summer on campus was definitely a great decision, and I recommend that everyone try it once.