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Summer in the Biology Department

August 4, 2010 at 9:45 am
By Beth Jarrett

This summer I got the opportunity to work in the Biology Department at Carleton.  I started by doing research with Professor Wolff; she does genetics and developmental neurobiology research using really cool worm called C. elegans.  Doing research during the summer has allowed me to learn a lot more about one of my favorite subjects in biology, the research process, and the awesome professors we have here at Carleton!  I have also been a research assistant for the Carleton Summer Science Institute for three weeks.  During the three weeks I helped high school students with research projects and planned fun activities for them while they lived on campus.  Although I have been extremely busy entertaining the high school students, when I get a chance it has been great to be able to hang out with the other volleyball players on campus.  We have cooked great meals together, played volleyball at Bethel and in the sand courts on campus, always end up working out at the same time at the rec, and have been doing lots of fun activities on the weekend like visiting a friend's cabin together.  Being on campus this summer has been a great experience in which I have learned a lot and had so much fun!