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First Week of Practice

October 25, 2010 at 11:10 am
By Megan Bakken

In the world of college basketball October 15 is an imperative date; for me, it begins a season in which I am able to play a game I love with people I love.  I have been playing basketball for what seems like forever, and every year the night before the first day of practice my stomach fills with nerves a.k.a. butterflies.  Both the anticipation of demonstrating the time and effort you put in during the off-season and the anticipation of playing with new teammates and this year a new coach puts anyone's stomach in a knot. (I know my teammate's had knots in their stomachs too!) Will I survive the first practice? (Never fear, I obviously survived!) What will be my role this year? What type of offense, defense, drills are we going to run? The questions are endless, but the questions and butterflies quickly disappear once the first drill gets underway because you are busting your butt alongside all your teammates.  This year a crucial point of emphasis is communication.  Needless to say anytime you walk into our practice you hear voices working together to complete the task at hand.  These voices excite me the most about the first week of practice because whether it be ball-handling, passing, defensive positioning, rebounding, or shooting my teammates and coaches have my back, and they are verbalizing that commitment to me. Communication is going to take the Carleton Knights far this season! 

Megan Bakken 

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