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Winter Break on Campus

January 9, 2011 at 12:54 pm
By Megan Meads

It was a snowy couple of weeks when the Carleton girls basketball team stayed on
campus over winter break. During those few weeks the basketball team lived in the
complex together, adjoining dorms on campus, and it became a great bonding time. Although the main reason we stay on campus is for two-a-days and to improve our basketball skills, we had tons of fun in the process.

After practice was over for the day the team would hangout and watch movies. Over break we found out some people on our team had never eaten puppy chow, so we whipped up a large batch of puppy chow while we made our warm-up c.d. for our home games.

One night before a home game we had a team dinner at Andy's house, one of our coaches, and we had a gingerbread house making competition while we waited for dinner to be cooked. Some of the houses turned out looking like professionals made them while other teams munched on candy and watched their houses crumble. On the last day of our stay before we went home for the holidays we had a blizzard hit Southern
Minnesota. Our game was canceled, flights were canceled, people were snowed in, and it was bad driving conditions. The team made the most of the situation and went out for a big breakfast and had a fun time hanging out in the complex.

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