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Alumni Game

January 10, 2011 at 10:39 am
By Kayla Kramer

The alumni game is played every year after we return from our holiday break and as always, it was a competitive game and a good time as we got to see past teammates and meet other former players. Alums came back for the event that played on the MIAC Championship and NCAA tournament teams from the early 2000s to just last year. It was nice playing a game after a few days of practice post-break because our last regular game was a few weeks ago. Throughout the game the alums put up a good fight, throwing in some trick plays and impressive passing and shooting, but eventually we were victorious. At the end of the game we did some introductions and all current and former players took part in a long-standing Carleton tradition-singing a particular song after a win. From there, we all hung out and had some pizza. My favorite part about the alumni game is that I get to play against people I watched growing up. My older sister was once a Knight, and played on some of the Championship teams so it is fun seeing all of her former teammates and thinking about all of the amazing games I watched when I was 10 to 13 years old. I enjoy hearing about the incredible things they are doing with their lives now and hopefully in a couple of years I will be able to come back and say the same!


Alumni Game 2010


Alumni Game 2010 

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