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Sketch Comedy

January 24, 2011 at 8:55 am
By Rachael Dodd
Lenny Dee

At most schools if you are involved in varsity athletics you don’t have much time for anything else. One of the best things about Carleton is that you have time for basketball, work study, schoolwork, down time, hanging out with friends, meals, and a variety of other extra curricular activities. Many of the fabulous ladies on the team play two or three sports, others are involved with acapella or in my case Lenny Dee, the one and only sketch comedy troupe on campus. If you have ever seen Saturday Night Live then you may have a sense of the kind of shows we put on. We have practices twice a week for two hours. We spent the first four weeks of each term writing original sketches, which we cast in the fifth week for our performance seventh weekend. We have a show every term as well as a show for new student week and accepted students days, which is actually where I first day Lenny Dee perform. The best thing is we practice 10-12 at night so basketball and Lenny Dee never interfere with each other. I have time for both of the extra circulars I love and my schoolwork. My best friends on campus are the basketball team and the Lenny Dee members and I am so grateful that I go to a school that doesn’t make me choose!

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