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A cappella

January 30, 2011 at 9:32 pm
By Holly Buttrey

Coming from a small high school in Vermont, I was able to participate in any and everything that I was interested in during the school year. I was a three sport athlete but more than that I was also an avid participant in my school's music department. I learned to play three brass instruments through my years and I was without a doubt always in the chorus. My passion for music is something that I could never imagine giving up at college, just like my dedication to basketball. This is why I am not only a member of the women's basketball team, but I also am a member of the Intertwining Melodies a cappella group. A cappella does not have the same time commitment as basketball, but we meet three days a week for six hours to learn our songs. As a group we choose which songs we will perform each term, arrange them to fit within our group's abilities and teach them to each other. It's as much of a team activity as basketball. We all need to be able to communicate with and teach each other as we go. We also always have each other's backs during a concert or rehearsal. Having another outlet for my energies at school has also really helped me focus my time so that I can complete everything to the best of my abilities while still enjoying every aspect of learning that is important to me.

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