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Result: No team scores

Women's Swimming and Diving vs. Kalamazoo College

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018 – 4:45 p.m. ET / 3:45 p.m. CT at Islamorada, Fla. - Founders Park Aquatic Complex

Knights’ Florida trip wraps up with meet against Kalamazoo

The Carleton swimming and diving teams spent Winter Break training/competing in the Florida Keys.
The Carleton swimming and diving teams spent Winter Break training/competing in the Florida Keys.

ISLAMORADA, Fla. – The annual Winter Break trip for the Carleton College men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams included a non-scored friendly competition against Kalamazoo College. This competition came during the Knights’ excursion that began on Dec. 3 and wrapped up on Dec. 13.

The day’s action consisted of five relay events. The Knights swept the top spot in the women’s events, while the men’s program posted four second-place results.

Carleton College vs Kalamazoo College
Founders Park Aquatics Center
Ron Levy Pool (50 meter)
Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018

Event 1 -- Women’s 400-meter medley relay
1st place – 4:49.6 – Carleton A (Lydia Boyum, Ada Meyer, Alison Cameron, Kyle Fraser-Mines)
3rd place – 5:13.5 – Carleton B (Emma Lederer, Kate Grossman, Anna Gergely, Serena Lee)
4th place – 5:25.7 – Carleton C (Natalie Lafferty, Becca Horwitz, Meredith Bergman, Josie Conn)

Event 2 -- Men’s 400-meter medley relay
2nd place – 4:32.5 – Carleton A (Eli Offman, Ryan Wetzel, Stevie Fitch, Jack Dalluge)
4th place – 4:57.8 – Carleton B (Alex Battiste, Tristan Belzer, Christian Heuchert, Ben Greenvall)

Event 3 -- Women’s 400-meter butterfly relay
1st place – 5:18.7 – Carleton A (Alison Cameron, Anna Gergely, Serena Lee, Claire Neid)

Event 4 -- Men’s 400-meter butterfly relay
2nd place – 4:21.2 – Carleton A (Andrew Chang, Will Altaweel, Sam Darwish, Stevie Fitch)
4th place – 4:45.1 – Carleton B (Eli Offman, Eric Meyer, Alex Battiste, Christian Heuchert)

Event 5 -- Women’s 400-meter backstroke relay
1st place – 5:06.9 – Carleton A (Lydia Boyum, Kyle Fraser-Mines, Natalie Lafferty, Emma Lederer)
3rd place – 5:34.6 – Carleton B (Grace Marshall, Yuki Nagaoka, Izzy Quattrucci, Meredith Bergman)
5:49.6 – Carleton C (Hannah Aylward, Kate Grossman, Maddie Emmons, Madi Smith)

Event 6 -- Men’s 400-meter backstroke relay
2nd place – 4:57.9 – Carleton A (Eli Offman, Alex Battiste, Allen Yuan, Andrew Chang)
4th place – 5:19.1 – Carleton B (Sam Darwish, Eric Meyer, Spencer Lekki, Axel Stahl)

Event 7 -- Women’s 400-meter breaststroke relay
1st place – 5:54.7 – Carleton A (Ada Meyer, Kate Grossman, Becca Horwitz, Hannah Aylward)
2nd place – 6:11.3 – Carleton B (Anna Gergely, Yuki Nagaoka, Emma Lederer, Madi Smith)

Event 8 -- Men’s 400-meter breaststroke relay
3rd place – 5:27.2 – Carleton A (Ryan Wetzel, Will Altaweel, Andrew Chang, Jack Heinzel)
4th place – 5:52.8 – Carleton B (Allen Yuan, Tristan Belzer, Eric Meyer, Ben Greenvall)

Event 9 -- Women’s 400-meter freestyle relay
1st place – 4:36.6 – Carleton A (Kyle Fraser-Mines, Yuki Nagaoka, Serena Lee, Claire Neid)
2nd place – 4:46.1 – Carleton B (Natalie Lafferty, Grace Marshall, Margaret Lachman, Erin Dyke)
5th place – 5:02.0 – Carleton C (Madi Smith, Izzy Quattrucci, Josie Conn, Maddie Emmons)

Event 10 -- Men’s 400-meter freestyle relay
2nd place – 4:09.9 – Carleton B (Stevie Fitch, Allen Yuan, Sam Darwish, Ben Greenvall)
4th place – 4:31.5 – Carleton C (Christian Heuchert, Spencer Lekki, Axel Stahl, Jake Winter)
5th place – 4:38.0 – Carleton A (Jack Heinzel, Will Altaweel, Ryan Wetzel, Jack Dalluge)