A Moving Visual Guide to Performing Ballet Movement

dancer in a ballet studio

From the White Board: Ballet in Motion - A Moving Visual Guide to Performing Ballet Movement is a collection of individual movement videos, with accompanying written descriptions organized into a webbook. It was created, written, choreographed and produced by Jennifer Bader, along with the performing talents of Hettie Stern ’17.

Ballet in Motion is a tool for visualizing, learning and practicing ballet movements outside the studio. Its 249 videos of individual movements and combinations allow you to study and practice ballet movement anywhere you have a phone, notebook or computer. How to begin, complete and exit movement is at your fingertips, arranged in a way that’s easy to access and visually complete. Each video segment is performed by a dancer with clean technique, allowing you to see each detail of the movement clearly. As the movement changes, within the video frame the accompanying text changes to reflect the progression of the movement. And if you learn better with a narrative, there’s a written description of how to perform the movement below the video.