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Laird Stadium Fund

November 23, 2011 at 9:50 am

Laird Stadium has been standing for over 80 years and has been renovated only once since its construction in 1928.  Unfortunately, that renovation was accomplished with the Cannon River's raging flood waters during the fall of 2010. 

The Cannon’s flood waters presented Carleton with a tremendous and likely one-time opportunity to dramatically improve Laird Stadium.  The College leveraged the $750,000 it received from insurance reimbursements to commence a two-phased renovation project that completely revamped and modernized Laird’s ground level. 

Thanks to the generosity of the members of the Carleton Athletic Initiative and other alumni, parents, and friends, we are pleased to announce that the $1.25 million fundraising goal for the Phase Two renovation of Laird Stadium has been met

Phase One involved:  

  • Removal of the sloped indoor track
  • Modernizing and expanding the men's/home team's locker
  • Modernizing and more than quadrupling the women’s/visiting team’s locker and shower room (it was about the size of a single-car garage)
  • Modernizing and expanding the training room facility

The space necessary for enlarging the locker and training rooms was realized by removing the Cannon River–side track and expanding the usable area to the exterior wall.  This change dramatically improves the size and functionality of these facilities.

Phase Two involved:

  • Constructing a new weight training and conditioning center
  • Installing a flat, 80-yard straightway sprint track for timing and conditioning
  • Adding six shower stalls to the women’s locker/shower room and relocating the men's shower room, allowing for the addition of the strength and conditioning center
  • Installing athletic flooring in various areas of the ground level, currently surfaced in gravel