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Sports Stats

Athletics have a broad and profound impact on student life at Carleton, with 90 percent of Carleton students participating in intramural, club, and varsity sports.

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Out of more the 26,000 Carleton alumni, 12,134 have participated in one or more varsity, intramural, or club sport during their student years.

Athletics at Carleton currently includes 20 varsity sports, 21 Club sports, and 14 intramural sports.  

Carleton has a strong tradition of club and intramural sports involving more than 1,500 students annually.  Carleton's varsity sports have a combined roster ranging from 375-475 student-athletes.

Carleton varsity sports compete at the NCAA Division III level as a member of the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC)

In 2010-11 Carleton student-athletes earned All-American honors nine times.

Carleton student-athletes won two NCAA Postgraduate Scholarships in 2010-11.

Track and field standout, Kelly Lovett, won the 2010-11 javelin National Championship.

Carleton Ultimate Team won the 2011 College National Championship.

Carleton's Eclipse Frisbee team won the 2011 Div. III National Championship.

Women's Rugby Club won the 2011 National Title.

In 2009, comprehensive funding for all sports at Carleton exceeded $3.4 million.