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Jan 31

Convocation: Peggy Shepard

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Environmental health activist Peggy Shepard promotes the entitlement of clean air, water and soil for urban communities.

Friday, January 31st, 2020
10:50 – 11:50 am / Skinner Chapel

Peggy Shepard has successfully combined grassroots organizing, environmental advocacy and environmental health research to become one of the most highly respected environmental advocates in the country today. She has been a pioneer for advancing the perspective of environmental justice in urban communities to ensure that the entitlement of clean air, water and soil extends to all people and communities. A leader within New York City and the national Environmental Justice Movement, she is co-founder and executive director of WE ACT For Environmental Justice (WE ACT), based in West Harlem, which has a 24-year history of affecting environmental and environmental health policy and practice locally and nationally.

Sponsored by Carleton Convocations. Contact: Kerry Raadt, x4308