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Oct 1

Weitz Audio Recording Studio orientation 10/1

From site: Cinema & Media Studies Events

Any Carleton student, staff or faculty member may request time in the Audio Recording Studio after attending this one-hour orientation.

Tuesday, October 1st, 2019
12:00 – 1:00 pm / Weitz 45

All Carleton students, staff and faculty members are welcome to attend this one-hour orientation on how to make a good one-mic, one-voice audio recording and what makes it good, as well as a bit of housekeeping about how to go about using the studio and take care of your audio files at the end of a recording session. After this orientation, you're welcome to request Audio Recording Studio reservations for the rest of your time at Carleton. Due only to the size of the studio, an r.s.v.p. is needed, using the very short form on this event listing. I look forward to hearing what you hope to work on!

R.s.v.p. to W.A.R.S. orientation 2019_10_01

Sponsored by Office of the Director of the Arts. Contact: Paul Bernhardt, x5698