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Carleton Arboretum Chamaecrista Sites

chamaecrista Flowering Project sites 


The Carleton Arboretum is a replanted prairie with two known Chamaecrista sites. the sites were relatively close to each other (no more than half a mile apart) but we found significant differences in flowering time and plant morphology between the sites.

  • Based on soil core composition analysis, we found a difference in soil nutrient content that may have effected plant morphology.
  • Small scale bio-diversity surveys showed a difference in micro-ecosystem composition between the two sites as well. Site one had undergone a controlled burn two years before site two, and as such the bio-diversity at site one was more diverse and late successional species; while site two had a few number of species, and earlier successional species.  The importance of this finding is that earlier sucessional species were taller (on average) than the late successional species, which may be one of the reasons why plants between the two sites had such a dramatic difference in biomass distribution.

Image key:

Image one: the exact GPS locations of the 50 plants in site 1, split in half by a trail.

Image 2: a soil type map with both sites marked.

Image 3: general map of the Arboretum with trails marked

Image 4:  the exact GPS locations of the 50 plants in site 2

Image 5: show the locations of the two sites on a topographic map with elevation contours.