Daniel P. Bruggeman (Art)

Artist Statement: "The history of the settlement of North America has been the impetus for most of my work the past 20 years. Like most compelling stories, this one is rich in encounters with exotic cultures, mysterious landscapes and disharmony. The transformation of the landscape from wilderness to domesticated environment is the primary legacy of the North American narrative. The displacement of indigenous life in favor of cities, agriculture, mining and logging was considered an essential component to a growing new country, but the consequences have been costly. The loss of native habitat has devastated many species of plants and animals.

The Carleton College Arboretum represents a self-conscious effort to re-introduce some of the remnants of our native landscape. My musings regarding the significance of such a place have led me to this point in my art work. While the “Arb” is a terrific place, I find myself wondering if it represents the rare, endangered species that can only exist in captivity or whether it provides hope for larger tracts of habitat that might encourage a healthier environment."

Daniel has recently exhibited his paintings and dioramas at Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis and Bridgewater, Lustberg, Blumenfeld Gallery in New York. His work can be found in public and private collections including The Minnesota Historical Society.

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"Compensation for a Permanent Loss (Last of the Buffalo)" 2008