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Sep 16

Arboretum Volunteer Work Event - Cannon River Clean Up

Volunteer to help clean up debris along the Cannon River

Saturday, September 16th, 2017
9:00 am – 12:00 pm / Upper Arboretum and Lower Arboretum
Help Clean up the Cannon River!

Meet at the parking lot near Carleton's West Gym, along Hwy 19, near the Hwy 19 bridge over Spring Creek.
This event is held each year in conjunction with the watershed wide clean up sponsored by the Cannon River Watershed Partnership. We search the riverbanks for non-natural items like cans, bottles, fishing line, tires, sports equipment, you name it we have likely found it!  Most of our work is done on foot, but if water levels allow some volunteers bring their own canoes or kayaks.  If you are planning on bringing a watercraft please be in touch with site leader Nancy Braker (507-222-4543 or a few days prior to the event to discuss river water levels.  In high water years the fast moving water makes use of boats unsafe and actually unhelpful since it is hard to stop and grab the trash when whizzing by at high speeds.

Wear clothing and close toed shoes that can get wet and dirty. Bug spray will be supplied.

Please consider registering ahead of time with the Cannon River Watershed Partnership so we can better plan for needed supplies.

Sponsored by Arb Studies. Contact: Nancy Braker, x4543