Current Arb Happenings

Nov 2

Forest Restoration in the Lower Arboretum

Curious about the recent clearing in the Lower Arboretum? Learn about our work to make room for new native forest.

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013
2:00 – 4:00 pm / Canada Avenue Parking lot, near the Iron Bridge

Learn about our forest restoration projects in the Lower Arboretum.  Curious about the recent clearing of areas of pine and shrubs?  Learn about our work to make room for new native forest!  Some areas of the Lower Arboretum had become choked with non-native shrubs and declining trees.  Clearing and replanting these areas will provide better habitat for the native plants and animals that are the long-term focus of the Arboretum.  Forest restoration requires a long-term view - learn about the steps it takes to develop a forest on former agriculture land.  We will view the recently cleared areas and tree plantings that are close to 20 years old and beginning to look like a forest!  Meet at the Canada Avenue entrance to the Arboretum, near the old Iron Bridge.

Sponsored by Arb Studies. Contact: Nancy Braker, x4543