Bridge Rehabilitation in the Upper Arboretum

July 27, 2009 at 9:35 am
By Nancy Braker

Beginning on July 27, contractors will start work on a project to rehabilitate the two bridges along the paved trail in the Upper Arboretum. The work will stabilize and repair the bridge footings, repair cracks in the walls and underneath each bridge, and replace the concrete caps. Additionally, the paved surface of the trail will be replaced at each bridge. During the period of July 27 through August 16, foot traffic will be permitted across the bridges, but bicycle riders are asked to dismount and walk through the construction area. Starting August 17 through 28, the bridges will be closed to all use. We appreciate your slow and careful use of the bridges during the first phase of work and your use of alternate routes during the second phase of work. Please contact Dennis Easley 507-222-4137 or Nancy Braker 507-222-4543 with questions.

Upper Arb bridges map