2012 August Upper Arboretum Trail Changes

August 17, 2012 at 4:37 pm
By Nancy Braker

Changes to the trail system in the Upper Arboretum as of August 17, 2012.

Several changes have been made to the trail system in the Upper Arboretum to create a better experience for Arboretum users.  Several highly erodible sections of the trail have been closed and a new section with a grass surface has been opened. The mid-June storm washed out a culvert on the now closed section and left a gully five feet across and four feet deep in the middle of the trail.  This steep trail section has always been difficult to maintain and created a hazard for users with deeply eroded areas after heavy rains.

Upper Arb washed out culvert 

The new trail has been under development for a year and now has a smooth grassy surface and less of an incline. This new trail will be incorporated into our cross-country ski grooming route and is designed to allow a long run without the need to turn quickly at the bottom of the hill.

The closed trails have been planted to native vegetation including grasses and shrubs, and have berms across them to prevent water damage while the vegetation is getting established.  Numerous non-desirable trees have been felled across the trail openings to discourage use.  Please enjoy the new trails and avoid the closed ones!

2012 August Trail Changes 


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