Arboretum Bird Checklist

Common YellowthroatPrior to your next hike in the Arboretum consider printing out our checklist for the birds of the Carleton College Arboretum.  Small enough to stick in your pocket, or as a bookmark in your field guide, the checklist includes all species known from the Arboretum, whether common or unusual.  Keep track of your sightings, and let us know if you see something that is not on our list!


Bird checklist printing instructions:

From the printing menu, go to Properties.  Depending on your program capabilities, choose the Paper/Output tab.  Under 2 Sided Print choose "2 side print, flip on short edge".

Other programs may provide you with the option to select either “flip on short side” (landscape) or “flip on long side” (portrait).  You should select “flip on short side” to ensure that your pamphlet prints correctly.