Visitor Use Rules

Visitors to the Arboretum are welcome, both from the Carleton community and beyond. To maintain the Arboretum for all, please follow these rules:

  1. Bikes are allowed only on specifically designated trails in the Upper Arboretum (east of Hwy 19); no bike use is allowed in the Lower Arboretum (west of Hwy 19 ). Limiting biking is necessary to prevent erosion, especially on trails in lower lying areas where ground is too soft to support tires. Bikes are restricted from the Lower Arboretum because of ongoing studies by Carleton faculty and students, and to ensure that the Lower Arboretum remains an area for low impact activities. Bikes are not allowed while the trails are being groomed for skiing.
  2. No motorized vehicles allowed, except for maintenance or emergency.
  3. Because of the lack of sanitary facilities, the Arboretum is not open for camping.
  4. Fires are not permitted except in specifically designated fire rings in the Upper Arboretum.
  5. Dogs are welcome if on leash; all dog droppings must be removed. 
  6. Horses are not allowed anywhere in the Arboretum.
  7. The Arboretum is a State Game Refuge, so there is no general hunting. Archery hunting is permitted by permit issued by Arboretum Staff in order to control the deer population and reduce damage to trees and other vegetation.
  8. Public use in the Lower Arboretum is restricted to the trails during the Archery Hunt between Thanksgiving and January 1st.
  9. Geocache placement is permitted only with approval from the Arboretum Director
  10. Non-Carleton College group use of the Arboretum or McKnight Prairie is welcome but groups of ten or more must register to avoid conflicts with other users and to protect the natural resources.


Call 911 or Carleton Security Services (507-222-4444).