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Technology and Man’s Future (Symposium Events): Laurence McKinley Gould - Science and the Human Condition

Created 15 November 1971; Published 17 February 2006


This was Larry Gould's lecture as part of the symposium "Technology and Man's Future."

Some rights reserved. Carleton College licenses this work under the Creative Commons Attribution/Non-commercial/Share-alike 3.0 License.

Other Items

  • Created 15 November 1971; Published 17 February 2006
    Technology and Man’s Future (Symposium Events): Laurence McKinley Gould - Science and the Human Condition

    This was Larry Gould's lecture as part of the symposium "Technology and Man's Future."

  • Created 2 February 1971; Published 25 April 2008
    Inauguration: Howard Swearer

    Howard Swearer is officially inaugurated as the sixth President of Carleton College and gives his official inaugural address to the college community.

  • Created 15 September 1970; Published 24 April 2008
    Opening Convocation: Howard Swearer -The Human Dimension of the College

    Howard Swearer, the sixth President of Carleton College, gives his first address to the college community as president in 1970 Opening Convocation.

  • Created 6 June 1970; Published 21 March 2008
    Senior Convocation: Carleton Qualey

    Carleton Qualey, a graduate of St, Olaf College and a retiring American History Professor, gives an overview of the nation's history and speaks on the role of intellectuals in shaping the U.S. He wants to inspire Carleton seniors to recognize their intellectuals' role. Continuing with the chronological themes thoughout U.S. political history, Qualey lists the events in a senior’s journey through their Carleton College career. He discourages the campus’ movement towards the far left. the far right is not an educated choice, either, since it is a “cult of traditionalism”. Professor Qualey also warns against being part of pressure organizations, as in unions or specific lobbying groups.

  • Created 15 May 1970; Published 11 March 2008
    Convocation: Nason Day
  • Created 21 January 1970; Published 27 March 2008
    Lucas Lecture: Reed Whittemore - The Poet as an Effete Snob

    Whittemore speaks about seeking solitude in perusal of truth and poetry.

  • Created 26 April 1969; Published 29 April 2008
    Convocation: John Nason - The Sabre-Toothed Curriculum

    President John Nason addresses convocation on Parents Day in April 1969. The speech is entitled "The Sabre-Toothed Curriculum."

  • Created 14 May 1968; Published 31 October 2008
    E.A. Bayne: Honors Convocation "Continuity and Change"

    Organ Music, Choir, Honors Convocation and a speech to mark the end of a partnership between Carleton and American Universities Field Staff (AUFS). E.A. Bayne speaks about "Continuity and Change" relecting upon his field work in the Middle East and putting it in the context of the recent history of the world.

  • Created 7 February 1968; Published 28 April 2008
    Convocation: John Nason - How to Make the College Work
  • Created 22 November 1967; Published 17 February 2006
    Convocation: Negro Affairs Committee

    A forum is presented by the Negro Affairs Committee. African American students describe on the experiences of racism in their hometowns.

  • Created 23 September 1967; Published 26 March 2008
    Convocation: Bardwell L. Smith - Education or Serendipity

    Bardwell Smith, Dean of the College, gives his inaugural speech to Carleton community. Smith addresses that a liberal education should produce competent leaders as well as increase sensitivity to the human condition.

  • Created 19 April 1967; Published 9 February 2009
    Panel Discussion in the Humanities Symposium

    A panel composed of Wayne Booth, Germaine Bree, Harold Bloom, and John Cage discuss the scope of reason and its challenges.

  • Created 18 April 1967; Published 27 January 2009
    Germaine Bree: Reasons and Unreasons- A Few Footnotes

    Germaine Bree speaks on challenges to reason for Carleton's Humanities Symposium (day 2) with much regard to contemporary French literature.

  • Created 17 April 1967; Published 11 February 2009
    John Cage: Illustrated Lecture in the Humanities Symposium

    John Cage, speaking as part of a Humanities Symposium at Carleton, reads his work in three parts: Diary: How to improve the world (you will only make matters worse). He also performs several compositions.

  • Created 14 April 1967; Published 3 February 2009
    Theology Seminar: Is Institutional Religion Stifling Christianity? Drs. Callahan, Sellers and Shaull

    Three ethical theologians speak at Carleton during a theology seminar regarding institutional religion and its relation to Christianity.

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