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Commencement 1970

Published 7 January 2009


The beginning of Commencement for Carleton Class of 1970. Incomplete recording.


Begins with a prayer to celebrate the commencement. The Fall of 1966 is compared to now, June 1970. The leader of the prayer contrasts these two ends of the class’ time at Carleton. Amen.
Some shuffling of the microphone. Then choir voices are heard singing. Then there is more shuffling around. A speaker introduces himself as Atherton Bean, standing in as the chairman of the board of Carleton. He represents the trustees, the Alumni, and Howard and Jan Swearer, the new president-to-be and his wife Elizabeth. They will take over for John Nason and his wife. Bean describes Nason and calls him a philosopher. He reads part of a letter from Swearer to Nason to describe Nason’s significance to the community. The letter praises his character and accomplishments while as president. Bean adds some of his own words of praise to wish Nason well as president of Swarthmore.
Nason is applauded and comes up to speak. He speaks about the state of Carleton and the programs and tasks he leaves to Swearer. He speaks about gifts of money given to Carleton toward these programs. There is a long hard road ahead. He is happy to be “graduating” with this class. He speaks about the awards and prizes at commencement. Also addresses the two retiring members of the faculty. Nason speaks about Howard Swearer and his competence for the position of president of Carleton. He also thanks the student, faculty, staff, and the friends of the college. He is a Carleton Alumnus. Introduces the 2nd century student award winner Jimmy Coker ‘70 to come and speak.
Coker takes the podium and says they have a gift for President Nason from the Carleton Student Association. Coker says he will speak on “some thoughts he has about the world”. He says they are fortunate in their place at Carleton. He speaks about the nation as a fosterer of war, an inability to live with the environment, and racism, intolerance and injustice. He says we have the means to end these things, and they have the right to question the slow pace of change. They will not be pacified as young people and would rather fight these aberrations with or without the older generations. The recording ends here, abruptly.

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  • Published 7 January 2009
    Commencement 1970

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