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Metadata Entry Standards

Crosswalk for Audio / Video Works and Files

Guidelines for Media Works

  • Name
    • Example: Convocation: Paul Wellstone - Education and Empowerment
    • Fully spell out words when possible -- used as visible name on site
    • Note: no need to place date in title
  • Date Originally Created
    • Use the date the recording was originally made, if known
  • Creator
    • Example: Phil Stark
    • Use the name of the person or entity that originally made the recording
    • Note: It is OK to leave this field empty if you don't know who made the recording
  • Keywords
    • Example: Herbert Aptheker, Civil War, Marxism, History
    • Separate phrases with commas
    • Try to cover the general ideas addressed in the work
  • Transcript
    • A fairly well-detailed description of the content of the recording
    • This does not have to be a word-for-word transcription
  • Transcript Status
    • "Pending" = don't show the transcript (maybe it isn't ready)
    • "Published" = show the transcript
  • Rights Statement

Guidelines for Media Files

  • Name
    • Example: 1992-02-28: Paul Wellstone Convo Part 5 (mp3)
    • Starts with YYYY-MM-DD
    • English name (not filename)
  • Url
    • Example:
    • Only need to enter URL when file is actually online
  • Length
    • Example: 7 hr. 18 min. 37 sec.
    • Spelled-out hour/minute/second notation
    • spaces between numbers and units
  • File Size
    • Example: 45.17 Mb
    • Space between number and unit
    • Lower-case "b"
  • Quality
    • Example: 96 kbps/44.1 kHz/stereo
    • Spaces between numbers and units