Academic Skills Coaching

Many Carleton students want to develop new strategies for addressing time management, test preparation, and study skills in the Carleton environment.

Coaching is available on a number of academic skills:

  • organizing busy schedules that include homework, student employment, and extracurricular activitiesscheduling time for term-long assignments, such as research papers
  • improving in-class notetaking and participation
  • improving study skills outside the class, including review of in-class notes and preparation for class
  • developing effective test preparation strategies

Residential Life Area Directors, shown on the right, are trained in academic skills coaching.   Contact any one of them to set up a mutually convenient time to meet:

  • Rae Horton, Burton 003, 507-222-4500,
  • Taylor Morgan, Cassat 105, 507-222-7246,
  • Steve Romenesko, Musser 101, 507-222-4457,
  • Jake Reilly, Goodhue 147, 507-222-4442,
  • Sarah Weiler, Watson 123, 507-222-4093,