What Students Have Said About Their Prefects

At the end of every term, we ask students in classes with prefects to evaluate prefects and their sessions. 

When asked, “What did the prefect do that was particularly effective?” students responded with comments like these:

▪    Created very good review problems that closely resembled test questions.
▪    Diagrams!
▪    Clearly went through all topics.
▪    She would explain things visually very well and helped us discover things on our   own in a relaxed atmosphere.
▪    Draw simple diagrams.  Compare things well.
▪    She gave us problems to do.  We could try the first then she went over them.
▪    Practice problems.
▪    Bring candy!!
▪    Group diagram drawing, where 3-4 groups drew diagrams/pictures of the problems and compared them.
▪    Very good @ explaining w/pictures & diagrams as well as being able to explain things in new ways if we didn’t understand right away.

▪    Really good at breaking down large questions into manageable sections.
▪    He was patient.  Also, [brought] brownies.
▪    Taught without necessarily giving out answers.
▪    He was always around and very accessible.
▪    Showed ways to do generic problems.
▪    He offered to answer any questions but wouldn’t directly tell us the answers.
▪    His explanations were clear and informative.
▪    Answer questions, provide individual help.
▪    Very good at group discussion as well as one on one.
▪    He was very helpful, an excellent prefect.  He often stayed late to continue helping us.
▪    Never snapped, even when it took me forever to understand stuff.  Was very patient.
▪    Helped but not too much, small hints and ideas that led me in the right direction.
▪    Step through programs from the computer’s perspective.

▪    She was smart and intelligent → easy to understand.
▪    The topic map that outlined what we needed to know.  And the review sheets.
▪    She invited students to actively participate in group-led review.
▪    Practice problems.
▪    She had helpful worksheets and posted the answers on Moodle.
▪    Went over general material, then helped us individually w/specific questions.
▪    Told us which topics from a particular chapter were most important to know for quizzes and tests.
▪    My prefect had us right [sic] on the board what we thought were key concepts then helped us edit it.
▪    She made really helpful review problems.
▪    Lots of practice problems!
▪    Allow us to ask questions.
▪    Made us draw connections on the board btwn concept we were studying before we did problems.
▪    Practice problems + group work = ☺.
▪    She didn’t talk at us but got us to explain everything & make it our own.
▪    Had us lead the discussion of the subject material.
▪    Get students to help others, she didn’t talk the whole time.
▪    Let us come up with what we wanted to study.
▪    Organizing/supervising group work.

▪    Had us break into small groups & figure out Q’s on our own.
▪    Facilitated group work.
▪    Had students explain problems.
▪    Small group problem sets.
▪    1 on 1 questions/answers were common.
▪    Made us work in groups.
▪    Explaining general economic ideas in response to specific questions.
▪    Going over homework questions.
▪    Gave practice questions.
▪    Made us work together to solve rather than give answers.
▪    Very good at diagrams, explaining concepts.
▪    Email problems ahead.
▪    Explained things effectively.
▪    Made himself available to explain things.
▪    Make worksheets and split us in groups.
▪    Let us ask more Qs than we would have had opportunity [for] in class.  Explain better, etc.
▪    Made up review problems so we got more practice before exams.

▪    Listen to our questions, help us understand concepts ourselves.
▪    Had people ask questions & lead the discussion.
▪    He never gave us an answer, but helped us think about it in new ways so we could get there on our own.
▪    He had us work collaboratively and jumped in as needed.
▪    Facilitated discussion.
▪    [The prefect] is great about guiding us on problem sets without giving too much away, and about anticipating questions.
▪    Put us in small groups to discuss problems.
▪    He was open to questions.
▪    He was very available to answer any questions.  He guided me in the right direction without telling me how to do something.  Helped me figure things out.
▪    Draw things out.
▪    He was good at leading us in the right direction without just telling us the answer.
▪    He had me work with other attending students, not just him.
▪    Answer our questions in an orderly way.
▪    Explained concepts very well/clearly.
▪    Had us ask all the questions.
▪    Good at giving examples and explaining concepts.

▪    She asked what topics that we wanted to go over.
▪    She organized efficient study groups to review class info.
▪    Asked us questions. (Whereas the prof just tells us things).
▪    Engaged the students in the learning/review process.
▪    [You were] systematic.
▪    Had us talk about vocab together.
▪    She was extremely ready to help.
▪    She put what we did in class into the context of our required readings.
▪    Broke large concepts down very well.
▪    Answer specific questions.
▪    Guiding discussion on most important topics.
▪    Explained confusing concepts in depth.

▪    Go over examples a lot! ☺  Step-by-step.  He would make sure every single person understood.
▪    Came up with fun, real-world examples.
▪    Walked through examples and made sure everyone understood each step along the way.
▪    Allowed for student-to-student help.
▪    Gave a lot of examples and also had us give the answers instead of just lecturing.
▪    Didn’t just tell us answers—prodded us along in solving things.
▪    Took questions from us and was very thorough.
▪    He gave me good examples of things I could visualize and relate to.
▪    Explain and give more examples.
▪    He explained the topics thoroughly.
▪    Just reiterating things in class was really helpful.
▪    He thoroughly explained the concepts that were confusing.