The Weitz Center for Creativity

July 22, 2011

Carleton will be opening the Weitz Center for Creativity to coincide with the start of the 2011-12 academic year in September 2011. The facility will be the new home of the Cinema and Media Studies and Theatre and Dance departments and provide classroom space for collaborative learning in partnership with many other academic departments. There will be a new cinema, two dance studios, a theater, and a teaching art museum.

Many doors in the building will be controlled by the door access system that Auxiliary Services manages. In fact, the Weitz Center will be the largest campus building on the system and have more card readers than any other building currently does. With this installation, the college continues its planned migration away from metal keys as an entry protocol to buildings and rooms.

To assist in monitoring the large amount of real estate in the Weitz Center and also to protect the physical assets found in classrooms, studios, and performance spaces, Auxiliary Services is installing an array of video surveillance cameras throughout the building that will communicate with the existing CCTV system on the campus.

Dining Services will operate the Weitz CafĂ© in the Commons area and provide catering services in the many new venues that will undoubtedly be used for future campus events. 

All Auxiliary Services teams are involved in the opening of this magnificent new facility and eagerly anticipating the excitement that the opening of the Weitz Center will generate on campus and throughout the wider community of Northfield.